This page presents sample lattices for testing algorithms that solve the shortest vector problem (SVP) in euclidean lattices. The SVP challenge helps assessing the strength of SVP algorithms, and serves to compare different types of algorithms, like sieving and enumeration. The lattices presented here are random lattices in the sense of Goldstein and Mayer.


How to participate:

You can either
  • download a sample lattice on the right side, or
  • download the generator and generate lattices yourself

How to enter the Hall of Fame:

To enter the hall of fame, you have to submit a vector with
  • Higher dimension and Euclidean norm less than
    (which is an estimation of the length of a shortest vector in the lattice), or
  • A shorter vector than a previous one in the same dimension (with possibly different seed)

hall of fame

Position Dimension Euclidean norm Seed Contestant Solution
115032200Kenji KASHIWABARA and Tadanori TERUYAvec
214831780Kenji KASHIWABARA and Tadanori TERUYAvec
314631950Kenji KASHIWABARA and Tadanori TERUYAvec
414431540Kenji KASHIWABARA and Tadanori TERUYAvec
514231410Kenji KASHIWABARA and Tadanori TERUYAvec